About us

About ‘The Free Energy Companies’

The association, ‘The Free Energy Companies’ (De Frie Energiselskaber), works to provide a free and independent energy market in Denmark with fair competition and more consumer benefits.

The aim is to remove legislation and structures that support anticompetitive market conditions in order to create transparency and mobility in the energy market.

The Association

‘The Free Energy Companies’ is a commercial and professional association for energy companies in Denmark.

The association represents Danish electricity and gas customers – private as well as business customers.

Many of our customers have actively chosen the supplier of their electricity, gas and energy savings – and which product they prefer. They are active consumers who know what they want.

This gives us unique knowledge about the energy market. We know the customers’ needs and demands. We know their requirements for a vibrant energy market. We use this knowledge in our daily work.

‘The Free Energy Companies’ works to promote effective competition by:

  • Increasing the mobility in the energy sector to benefit the consumers.
  • Creating service improvements to both private customers and business customers.
  • Ensuring freedom to set prices on market terms.


Read more about the members of the association (In Danish)

Board of Directors (In Danish)